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Premium, in-store wine making made easy.

Making your own premium wine with Wine Kitz is easy. Guided by our expert wine consultants, every time you make your own wine at Wine Kitz it is covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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What do I have to do?

Making wine in-store is easy. All that is required of the consumer is the addition of yeast at the start of the wine making and the bottling of the wine at its completion date.  The sprinkling of the yeast takes only moments and bottling generally takes about a half an hour, depending on how many kits are being bottled.

Do I need my own bottles?

Yes. All customers are required to either bring their own bottles in or purchase bottles in-store, while quantities are available.

How long does it take from start to finish?

Wine kits vary in time needed for fermentation and completion. Generally, the majority of kits take roughly four weeks, while others take around eight weeks to complete. Kits that take longer to process generally carry a heavier and more full-bodied wine.

I’m new to wine making, how do I choose the right kit?

You are guaranteed an excellent wine making experience and we will happily help you choose the perfect wine that suites your taste. If, for any reason, you are unsatisfied with your wine, we will gladly replace the kit with a new one of the same or lesser value.